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Tayport Climate Festival

By 22nd February 2021February 27th, 20212 Comments

climate festival bunting

In November this year, in Glasgow, the UK hosts the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP 26, where countries across the world will set climate targets for the future.  This may be the most critical international conference ever.

It is important that people across the world pay attention to what is being discussed and agreed – after all, governments are doing this in our name!  One way or another, the outcomes from COP26 will affect each and every one of us.

One thing suggested to engage local communities in this important event is hosting Community Climate Festivals, getting people interested and enthusiastic about taking climate action at a more local level.  This proposal is generating interest across Scotland, with many and varied communities, from Edinburgh to Broadford on Skye, planning a climate festival for 2021.  So – under the umbrella of PLANT, we are proposing a community Climate Festival for Tayport.

Our very rough plans are to run the festival over a weekend, preferably in September and involving as many of our community as we can, but especially children and young people. We want it to be fun, informative and inclusive.  Because they ARE the future, we want to bring together a group of young people who can engage in planning and be part of more focussed events, such as a debate and Q and A session.

We also want to recruit people from the community who can contribute to climate-themed arts-based events, such as story-telling, photography, craft work, music etc.  To involve as many people as possible in an interactive way, we will run competitions and exhibitions, particularly aimed at children and young people. We want to involve other organisations, such as the RSPB and Friends of the Earth Scotland and we will invite local politicians to play their part.

We may not be completely free of COVID-19 by September but we will plan around socially distanced events, outdoors, indoors, and online.

Can you help us take advantage of this once-in –a- lifetime opportunity?  If you have ever wondered why ‘people’ are not doing more to challenge to climate change, this is your chance to play a part.  We need volunteers for EVERYTHING, from dealing with admin to filming to litter picking to running Zoom events.  Don’t worry if you would love to help but don’t know what you could contribute – we will find you a role – and train you to do it, if necessary.

If you would like to know more, contact us on Our next meeting is on 24th of March at 7pm.


People Learning About Nature in Tayport (PLANT) is a Tayport Community Trust subgroup which works to achieve TCT’s overall aim of promoting a vibrant and sustainable community, with improved quality of life, specifically through projects involving growing food and flowers, while enhancing Tayport’s natural environment. A key aim is to establish a community garden. Tayport Community Trust, Registered Charity No. SCO42558, Company No. SC350253, Registered Office: 10 Broad Street Tayport DD6 9AJ


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