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A map of Tayport Community OrchardsBetween 2013 and 2016, we got together to plant 71 fruit trees and scores of fruit bushes in public spaces around Tayport so that everyone can have a taste of the local fruity goodness.

The Fruit Tree Walk lines Scotscraig Drive with a couple of trees opposite the Harbour Cafe. At the small playpark at the top of Scotscraig and Garvie Brae, trees are underplanted with black currants, red currants, red and green gooseberries and alpine strawberries. The plantings at the bottom of Scotscraig there is also a native tree hedge and a perennial wildflower border, providing food and shelter for pollinators and other beneficial insects.

At the other end of town, Tayport Community Garden’s Fruiting Hedge lining the outside of the garden fence is also bursting with apple trees, tayberry, raspberry, gooseberry and currant bushes.

Below are maps of all the plantings, including variety names of all the trees – many of them Scottish heritage apple varieties (click on each image to view it at full size).

The berry bushes have been fruiting prolifically over the last couple of years and most of the apple trees have joined them this year. We are still waiting for the damsons and plums to make an appearance. Please help yourself to the fruit!

Over the years the Fruit Tree Walk has been a host to several community events for all ages – from practical orchard skills workshops to fun mid-winter wassails. It even inspired Mark to pen Tayport’s own wassail poem, listing all of the apple varieties we have planted so far – you can download a copy of it here (PDF).

The Fruit Tree Walk volunteer crew also meets regularly to keep the trees, fruit bushes and wildflowers presentable and to harvest the fruit. There is always plenty of time for a good chat and refreshments.  If you would like to join in, please get in touch with Janice Gibson 07805295235 or or PLANT Volunteer Coordinator on No experience necessary!