We all know that we need to take more care of our climate now and for future generations.

Between 2016 and 2018, thanks to contributions from many volunteers and supporters, Tayport Community Garden has already shrunk our carbon footprint by 11 tonnes through growing more food locally. If you were wondering – it’s an equivalent of boiling water for around 890,300 cups of tea!

Now, thanks to further funding from Climate Challenge Fund, we can offer you individual support in shrinking your own household’s carbon footprint through a Tayport Carbon Conversation programme. Do you think the future is worth a conversation?

What are ‘Carbon Conversations’?

Considered by the Guardian to be one of the “twenty ideas that could change the world”, Carbon Conversations is a unique and inspiring series of 6 small group discussions, involving games, practical tips, idea-sharing and reflections. The sessions are free and run fortnightly over a period of 12 weeks. With support from trained facilitators, a comprehensive set of materials, and each other, each participant can shrink their carbon footprint by at least 1 tonne!

Kaska at Carbon Conversation CornerIf you are interested in joining a Carbon Conversations group, would like to find out more or arrange for a taster session, please get in touch with Kaska at blog@tayportgarden.org or 0744 6231073.

Here are the reasons our current participants joined one of Tayport Carbon Conversation groups:

I have always been interested in climate change and my own carbon footprint and joining a group will help me make changes I have been thinking about and provide more focus.

Because I think it’s citizens responsibility, just like voting.

[…] It’s not about saving money for me, it’s about saving the world for my grandchildren, for the future generations.

[…] I have made a few changes over last couple of years but getting a bit of help what to do next would be good. I am interested in […] what others are doing.

[…] I feel like I have a responsibility to act with integrity as an adult consumer. I can’t complain about how things are without doing something myself.

Visit Carbon Conversations website to learn more about this approach.

You can download the participant resource pack here.