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Climate Action Fife

An introduction to Climate Friendly Gardens project

By 12th February 20212 Comments

Climate Action Fife is a brand-new project bringing together individuals, communities, local government, and businesses to tackle the climate emergency and make Fife a greener and fairer place to live. It is a Fife-wide partnership project between Greener Kirkcaldy, Fife Council, Fife College and Fife Communities Climate Action Network. The project is funded by The National Lottery Communities Fund.

The Climate Friendly Gardens project will explore how individuals and groups can be encouraged to think about tackling climate change locally. The project will also explore collaborations with community gardens to provide training and support to new and experienced gardeners to help develop gardens in ways that make lasting carbon reductions and think about wildlife friendly practices.  The project will be designed and developed through  collaboration of groups including Greener Kirkcaldy, EATS Rosyth ,  Clear Buckhaven and others to deliver climate change engagement events and workshops.

Why Climate Friendly Gardens?

There is no doubt that our climate is changing, we are witnessing more extreme weather events from flooding to droughts globally but also here in the UK. The past few years we have experienced early springs, mild wet winters, and we are seeing an increased reduction in our biodiversity.  Should we adapt new ways of gardening? Ways that work with nature and help reduce our impact on the environment by reducing our carbon emissions.  The good news is there are so many ways in which we can do this from water harvesting and looking after our soils to creating better spaces for nature to flourish. Together we can think about the problems ahead and look at practical solutions for climate resilient gardens and places rich in biodiversity.

So, watch this space!  The CAF climate friendly gardens team are currently planning a calendar of exciting events and workshops across the year to help inspire new ways of thinking about how we garden and work with nature to find solutions to some of the issues we face. We will share practical advice and create fun and interactive workshops to help shape our gardens of the future.

Climate Friendly Gardens Coordinator

I am excited to be joining PLANT as part of the Climate Action Fife (CAF) programme.  Over the past twenty+ years I have been professionally rooted in community projects from placemaking, developing conservation programmes for young people and facilitating environmental projects. I have an environmental management degree and most recently I gained my PDC – Permaculture Design Certificate in Orkney 2019 with Graham Bell and his team. I am passionate about nature, nature-based wellbeing and nature -based solutions and believe that there are many ways that we can work together in active hope to find solutions for the issues we face today as a society.





Late last summer I travelled to Orkney to study and gain a training certificate in permaculture design with Graham Bell and his training assistants. It had always been my intention to do this after attending an Introduction course back in 2010. In the years in between I have moved several times due to work commitments and for now I am settled in Tayport. I wouldn’t class myself as a ‘gardener’ or ‘permaculturalist’, I am more someone who has a deep passion for life on Earth and a keen interest to create a life that is in greater harmony with the Earth, its seasons and to play whatever part I can in building a regenerative future. I have fond memories from childhood out in the garden with my Dad who loved to grow things and what little experience I have comes from those memories topped up with a love for nature. In my blogs I will chart my journey from the Permaculture Design Course to creating a small permaculture garden in Tayport.


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