We are now running the Royal Caledonian Grow and Lean Award at Tayport Community Garden which is specifically structured for adults who need additional support. This programme provides a range of varied and exciting core horticultural skills which can be delivered at all levels to suit individual’s needs and abilities. We currently support 5 participants.

The Grow and Learn Award involves a lot of hard work and is an amazing achievement for all of the participants. It includes 80 hours of practical gardening activity and working through a set number of core and additional activities, including seed sowing, potting on, propagation, cultivation, plant care, composting and harvesting.  Participants also work towards a range of 3 personal goals that they set themselves and that can include just about anything that they feel is important to them.  Alongside this they have the opportunity to be involved in garden maintenance, DIY, recycling, art and crafts, biodiversity and wildlife.

We are working with the group to produce personal portfolios that use photography, personal statements and examples of learning to document their progress as they complete the Award.

Can you help?

As you can see it’s a full programme and a great opportunity for the group to learn new skills. It’s also an opportunity for people supporting this group to learn and to work in partnership to share skills and knowledge.

If you are interested in working with us on a Monday to provide one to one support to the participants on the Grow and Learn Award please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator. You don’t need gardening skills and we will provide any support or training required.