Evenings with Climate

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The best thing about the session was being together, having a chance to speak and listen. One person I asked to come said she didn’t think talking would help. I realise it now that it is CONNECTION that is the important thing.

Guest, An Evening with Climate

In Scotland, we know that climate change is an immediate and urgent problem. It remains so even now when everything seems to be overshadowed with the COVID-19 emergency.

But most of us are also confused and overwhelmed – we don’t know what it means for ourselves, people, places and things we love or what we can do about it.

The good news is that social research shows us that simply having a conversation with people we know and trust can help everyone make sense of the facts and take effective action.

PLANT’s Evenings with Climate are aimed to start many such conversations within our community to help create inspiration and social change needed to protect us and the planet from climate catastrophe while building back better in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Would you like to host an Evening with Climate with your friends, family, colleagues or community group?

Hit the nail on the head! All extremely topical and a 5-star rating.

It was great hearing the views of other people and being reassured that there are lots of like-minded people out there

Hearing about Scotland’s plans for 2030 was really interesting.

Great and calm presence from facilitators.

The idea is that you, as a host, get a group of people together, find a date which suits you all, and put on an online Zoom party. We do all the rest: help you work out the best ways to invite people, provide the Zoom room and facilitators for the session. There may be also some party treats for all!

Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted you will have an option of hosting a climate ‘party’ at your own home and add your own refreshments to the mix.

The ideal Climate Conversation size is 8-12 people, and it’s a good idea to leave 2-3 weeks to organise the event. (The minimum number of guests for a productive discussion is four.)

They are a part of PLANT’s Carbon Conversation programme, supported by Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund. This work is inspired by Scottish Government’s Climate Conversations and Australian Climate for Change’s climate party model.

Register your interest below and we will get in touch to explain the format and all the support we provide.