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Autumn into Winter

By 1st December 2020No Comments

Happy dark season to you all! in Tayport and beyond! You have probably noticed the days have all of a sudden gotten much shorter and I believe we are seeing the sun set around 3.30pm. When did that happen!? With everything that is going on in the world – restrictions on travel, on seeing family and friends, it’s been a challenging time for pretty much everyone. I work closely with plants and the natural world and seek a lot of comfort in using plants and working with them to keep myself connected to, well, myself! It also makes the season transition that little more fluid, easier and dare I say it.. fun!

I’d like to highlight some of the challenges that some of you may be facing at the moment and address ways in which we can work with the natural world to assist in easing these struggles. There’s some nice craft techniques to help keep you busy on these long dark nights we are seeing. The kids will love it too!

Better sleep

You might have noticed that you still have some lavender plants in your garden (or you neighbours) they may be looking a little faded but they are still perfectly usable. Lavender is best known for relaxation and that’s because it really does what the old tales tell. Grab some lavender and let it dry out on a window ledge or somewhere warm for a few days and once it’s dry grab an old sock (or if you’re fancy you can make a little pouch with those sewing skills!) Stuff the lavender in the sock and place it under your pillow when you go to bed. If you can’t find lavender then you can always use lavender essential oil and put it on a teddy bear or on the fancy pouch you made.

Computer eyes

Been on your computer screen or phone or tablet too long and starting to feel tired and dry eyes? Chamomile is reported to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and subjecting your eyes to a chilled tea bag gives the benefit of a cold compress as well. I like to brew a cup of tea, remove the bag, chill it, and let it rest on my eyes – if nothing else, it is very refreshing and gives a nice second use to old teabags. (Keep in mind that some people have allergic reactions to chamomile so patch test this on wrist or arm before use)

Comfort cookies

Want to get crafty in the kitchen with some truly traditional spiced cookies with a nice story to read? Try these Baba Yaga Wild Spice Honey Cookies. Inspired by the magical herbs and forest spices of “pagan” winter celebrations.


I am a Scotland based yoga teacher, outdoor adventurer and the creator of Yogi Oils. I have a deep passion for nature, the seasons and the plant medicine of Scotland and the world. I explore and share from experience and knowledge, how we can use and tap into the symbolism and movements of the earth to aid in our understanding of us.

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