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Growing in the Garden – Peter’s November Update

By 25th November 2020No Comments

November saw a gradual decline in the number of vegetables available and our veg box orders finished. There’s still some winter veg to be harvested and we are going to advertise a Christmas selection nearer the big day! Keep an eye on our Facebook or our produce page for details.

People often ask us “what do you do in the winter, there can’t be much gardening to do?”

Nothing could be farther from the case! As we covered in the last webinar, although there’s less of the obvious jobs to do such as mowing and hoeing, there’s still things that can be done both inside and outside.

Take a look at a few photos of today’s activities that demonstrate that such as cleaning and sorting seed collections, clearing and preparing plots to be ready for the next growing season, continuing the ongoing garden projects, in our case working on the new polycrub construction and making the new raised beds, and working on shrub and flower borders.

Check out our other tasks and suggestions in our latest webinar. If you missed it you can watch a recording of it here. Volunteer sessions should still go ahead in the winter months weather and Covid permitting. Of course, everyone is welcome!

Peter Christopher

I am PLANT's Community Gardener and will be making regular posts about what and how we are growing things at the Tayport Community Garden. You can find out more about me here:

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