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PODCAST: Motivated by love – COP26 climate countdown

By 25th August 2021September 2nd, 2021No Comments

This month brought pretty depressing climate news. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has brought out its report, reviewing all the available science on the state of the climate. The message was clearer than ever – we are in big trouble and we need to take radical action, fast. It’s code red for humanity.

This time it does not feel like just a theoretical scientific argument – we are starting to see the evidence of the change around us. Who can forget the footage from Australia, California or Greece which have also been in the headlines over the last few years? Or the recent droughts and floods in Fife.

The IPCC’s message comes just in time to inform COP26 meeting taking place in Glasgow. This conference of parties, is the 26th of the international government summits where almost every country on earth come together to agree on steps to take to tackle climate emergency. Many believe this event is the world’s best last chance to get runaway climate change under control.

This is some big stuff to deal with!

How do you tackle such reality as a parent – especially with young children? How do you teach them about what’s coming? How do you remain sane? Today I talk to two amazing mums, Anya from Big Dreams, Little Footprints and Jo from Wild Planet Explorers. We explore their own journeys to sane parenting in the era of climate emergency and share fab ideas for things every family can do as an antidote to the barrage of the climate news. They tell us all about their collaborative project – COP26 Climate Countdown – and how you can get involved.

You can listen to the episode on Anchor here, or simply search for “PLANT Voices Tayport Community Garden” on your favourite podcasting app.

Interviews, production and editing: Kaska Hempel



  • Tayport Climate Festival 24-26 September, @tayportclimatefestival on Facebook and Instagram
  • COP26 Climate Countdown – simple everyday activities families can do in the run up to COP26 in November
  • To follow the COP26 Countdown and discover other ways to learn and help nature in Jo’s daily post, please also visit Wild Planet Explorers Facebook page

Sources of kids activities and information:

Sources of inspiration for parents to stay sane in these changing times:

Other useful links:

  • – Climate Change Education progammes for teachers, homeschoolers and other educators.
  • – In 2022, a Deposit Return System is coming to Scotland on glass, plastic and metal drinks containers. APRS has designed new educational resources for schools and home at

People Learning About Nature in Tayport (PLANT) is a Tayport Community Trust subgroup which works to achieve TCT’s overall aim of promoting a vibrant and sustainable community, with improved quality of life, specifically through projects involving growing food and flowers, while enhancing Tayport’s natural environment. A key aim is to establish a community garden. Tayport Community Trust, Registered Charity No. SCO42558, Company No. SC350253, Registered Office: 10 Broad Street Tayport DD6 9AJ

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