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DIY eBike Adventures: Part 2 (Techie Specs to Build Your Own)

By 22nd August 2021One Comment

DIY electric bike

This post is a more techie part 2 to follow Helena’s reflections on her DIY ebike and what it’s like to have an ebike. You can read her full post here.

It really helps to have a handy person available if you are planning on doing the conversion yourself, though I have heard of people who you can pay to do the fitting. The info below was used by Adrian, to buy and complete the conversion.

Technical details for the bike conversion are as follows:

The motor is called a Tongsheng TSDZ2

This is a Mid drive motor that replaces a standard 68-72mm bottom bracket. Some frames can be a tricky fit, you need to be careful you have a compatible bike before going ahead!

What I bought

The 36V250W version with the VLCD-5 screen, throttle and brake levers plus a 14.5AH battery compatible with it.

Total was $535.00 USD via Paypal that came to £419.72

Where to buy

I bought them from pspower – a chinese supplier that has stock in Germany so it gets here quicker than ordering from ebay or Aliexpress. Everything arrived in one week.

You can by from UK suppliers like Woosh and Besbike, but they don’t sell the the 36V version, only a more powerful 48V and total is then more in the £680-760 range.

General info

These are some really nice blog posts about it by someone that runs a disability cycling charity:

Experimenting with the TongSheng TSDZ2 Mid drive system Part 2

Experimenting with the TongSheng TSDZ2 Mid drive system Part 3

Experimenting with the TongSheng TSDZ2 Mid drive system Part 4

Theres also a handy review from 2018:

You will also find lots more video reviews on youtube.

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