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PLANT to PLATE – sharing my love of food

By 3rd May 2021May 10th, 2021No Comments

Since March, I have had a pleasure to share my love of food with Tayport through the PLANT to PLATE workshops. In this blog I would like to tell you more about my relationship with food, things we covered in the first two sessions and plans for our next gathering in June.

My biggest influences around food came from growing up as a child on a working farm. The joy of eating homemade food, seasonal and locally sourced produce. Assisting my granny regularly with the fun of hands-on cooking next to her.  The finger dipping around the edges of the cake mix bowls was such a memorable occasion, nothing was wasted. Those experiences are deeply imprinted so that, now as an adult I really enjoy every aspect of food, and that includes eating it, preparing it, shopping for it and then presenting the results to family and friends around our dining table the ‘lovingly prepared food’. This is the possible ‘secret’ ingredient 😊perhaps a secret no longer.

The feast presented at our first session in March was an example to show how colourful vegetables can be. Not just for our savoury taste buds but also for those with a sweet tooth. Using the basic of ingredients with additional spices and herbs. Many of the herbs and some vegetables for this month are available at the Tayport Community Garden in the next few months, along with local shop-bought items.

This month we discussed the topic of different flours that we can use. With at least 20 plus examples of vegetable, nut and fruit flours along with flours made out of flowers. Examples in dishes were presented and everyone was able to contribute to their own experiences which flour combinations worked for them.

Delving into the backs of our cupboards/fridges for any unused food items that could see the light of day again and be reinvented into making a tasty dish for our next gathering in June. This will continue throughout each meeting.

The realisation at the end of our session was that purchasing, preparing and cooking our selected food items is as important as the final result of the flavour of the final dish we consume. The care and attention to the detail is vital and can be very stilling in the body, not unlike a gentle meditation that brings back a connection to the body and mind working together. This is something that can naturally occur with no effort. Possibly a great moment for you all to revisit. How do you cook? In a flow or in frustration because the end result will for sure show up in the resulting foods that you serve.

Ali confirmed the varieties of veg, fruit and herbs growing now at the Community Garden and in a months-time there will be an even a larger abundance of choice for you to purchase. These PLANT to PLATE sessions, are offered up for us to inspire each other and use local resources when possible and of course save those mountains of food that are thrown away. Our chickens can only eat a certain amount of scraps 😊

Please book your place for the June workshop here.

Marion Hawes

I am a presenter for PLANT to PLATE workshop series about planet-friendly cooking. From an early age the advantages of growing up on a farm with the vast array of home grown seasonal vegetables and freshly laid eggs has for sure been the inspiration to continue to appreciate and cook in a way that is healthy, flavoursome and appealing to all dietary needs. With great appreciation I can allow the free flow of what I have gained in 50 years of cooking experiences to now bring this to our table to share with others.

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