Planet-friendly cooking with PLANT to PLATE

PLANT to PLATE logoFood is such an important part of our everyday lives. We can choose to eat nourishing foods to replenish us or eat ‘heavier’ foods that can dull us or leave a sense of lethargy.

PLANT to PLATE is a series of presentations from Marion & Ali which offer an opportunity for us to come together around one very large dining table and share with each other as family naturally do.

We will look at how we approach food, how we cook it, how we can limit excess waste and nourish our bodies in the process.  Nourish ourselves with a variation of healthy food choices so that we can then have the energy to commit in full to our busy work schedules, along with the daily demands of our home and family lives. Questions like do we source locally grown products when possible?  Do we check out the ingredients list of the contents of all our foods? Do we then cook those chosen healthy foods with that same degree of care and attention we bought them in. It becomes clear that there is a process by where we determine the flavours of that lovingly cooked food. As well as not wasting food and money in the process.

Timetable and booking is available through PLANT Facebook page or though Events on this webiste.

For more details see also Marion’s blogs.

Plant based food - PLANT to PLATE