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Lewis gets potty

By 31st March 2021No Comments

Lewis with his seedling tray

Although Tayport community garden has been closed, there have been a few little elves (staff and volunteers) working away behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly and getting everything ready for opening again.  One of those volunteers, Lewis, was so keen he took loads of pea and broad bean seedlings home to keep them safe from the cold and make sure they will be ready for all you lovely people in the summer. Lewis describes what he did.

I filled pots with compost and put one seed in each pot.  Then I put them in a propagator that my dad built in my greenhouse.  We covered them in bubble wrap, and I watered them twice a day.

Lewis’s mum says,

he has been working soooo hard that he’s been exhausted at nights but it’s been great exercise for him.

Lewis also added,

my arms were aching at the end of the day and I went to bed earlier than normal too.

Although we’ve not quite managed to convince Lewis to talk or sing to them yet, there’s still time and I’m sure we can all agree he’s been doing a fantastic job!

Lewis Top Tip

  1. Fill empty juice bottles with warm water them place them under the seedling trays to stop Jack Frost from damaging them.
  2. Wrap the seedling trays in bubble wrap to help keep the warmth in..

The seedlings have now made the way to the garden thanks to Lewis’s hard work and dedication to PLANT.

Lewis is also in the process of setting up Tayport Access group and as the 16th  of March was Disabled Access Day, It’s the perfect time to tell you all about it.  Lewis told us he struggles to get around Tayport due to the uneven pavements, potholes and lack of crossings.

The first project he is looking to tackle is a crossing with double yellow lines at the skate park and play park. Lewis describes to us what his plan is:

Cars drive so fast along the road near the play park, and it is dangerous for me to cross it.  I want a pedestrian crossing to be put in so everyone can cross safely and double yellow lines to stop cars parking there.  I think we need to set up a petition and give it to the council and local councillors.

So, we need your support!!!!

Have you experienced the same difficulties or know someone who does? 

Maybe you could join our group and help make a difference? 

Do you have children who cross the road there? 

Do you worry about them crossing the road or do you hesitate with a buggy?

Would you lie to help make Tayport safer for all? 

If you can answer yes to any of the above, please get in touch and show your support.  Contact Ali at

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