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Growing in the Garden – Peter’s September Update

By 28th September 2020No Comments

As I took a stretch after being heads down in the weeds and looked up, I saw a seasonal event which marks the changing of the seasons: the great skeins of honking geese arriving from their Northern summer breeding grounds to spend the winter in the fields and estuaries. In the same sky as the last of the summer visitors, swallows and house martins were whirling against the blue busily making their way South fleeing the oncoming colder weather.

Going back to my garden tasks I was struck by how the garden also vividly reflects this change which always seems to suddenly become apparent. The green leaves of summer are quickly showing Autumn shades and the garden is slowing right down.

The last of the Summer crops in the Polytunnel are being picked but at the time of writing there are still tomatoes, peppers, chillis, cucumbers and sweet corn to be picked and preparations for the overwintering crops continue. Likewise outdoors, more of the beds are being cleared and being prepared for the winter by sowing green manure crops and adding fresh compost. So as the Summer crops such as peas, beans, squash, courgettes and salads come to an end the Winter staples take centre stage. Over the next few months the potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, celeriac, pumpkins, kale, cabbage, sprouts and leeks will be available for all those cold weather recipes, indeed it is said that the cold and frosts actually improves the flavour of the likes of parsnips, leeks and sprouts. The garden will still be providing lots of fresh local food. We will also be making the famous Tayport apple juice available whilst stocks last. There are plans to have a socially distanced stall at the Larick centre so people can get a bite to eat and a hot drink afterwards. Check out our produce stall for details on ordering produce or our lovely apple juice.

There will still be the usual Winter garden jobs to do for all you volunteers, another online workshop on this is planned for Sunday November 15th at 2 pm. However, the most exciting development which has already begun is the construction of the new Polycrub. Lewis has been helping his dad and other volunteers with the making of raised beds which are in place before work begins on the actual polycrub.

As the growing season slows down the garden jobs continue at a different pace.

Peter Christopher

I am PLANT's Community Gardener and will be making regular posts about what and how we are growing things at the Tayport Community Garden. You can find out more about me here:

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