Notes from the Community Garden – Growing Coordinator weekly update

Our Growing Coordinator, Teresa, has given us the first official update from the Monday session at the Community Garden and Monday gardening volunteer meet up – watch this space for weekly news from her!

Volunteer operating a turf cutter
PLANT Volunteers cutting turf for the fruiting hedge planting
Many thanks to all the PLANT volunteers who worked very hard last Monday.
It was an early start for the Growing Coordinators ready to meet the various contractors on a perfectly dry sunny day. We were joined later by several PLANT volunteers who helped to cut the turf away where the fruiting hedge is to go. For many people this was their first opportunity to use a mechanical turf cutter, much quicker than removing it by digging.
Next the ground was rotivated, again another new experience for many people.
The ground beds were measured out and cut – so all that remains now is some digging by hand. Contact us on if you would like to take part in a digging workshop.
Whilst all this activity was going on at the Community Garden, the Monday group were potting up Iris Holden Clough kindly donated by Graeme and Hilary Butler of Rumbling Bridge Nursery. They were also sowing seeds ready to go in the polytunnel, due to be erected this week.
Now we are on site we need plenty  volunteers to help and the Monday group is also looking for new volunteers, especially those who would like to help with the pallet garden. Contact us on if you are interested.
Teresa Widd, Growing Coordinator

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