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My indoor pond

By 13th April 2020April 15th, 2020No Comments

I recently read this amusing blog post from Kathleen. I have a real love of a proper wildlife pond and I spent many happy hours as a child watching and fishing around looking for different creatures ranging from toads and newts to pond skaters and water beetles, desperately hoping to find a dragon fly larvae. This was one reason why, when I decided to get classroom pets, I went for newts and toads. They now live in my flat, and as I don’t have a garden, they act as my little indoor pond.

I decided to record a video blog, or vlog, explains a bit about this subject. I should stress that the animals were captive bred, not taken from the wild (you should not do this). I did lots and lots of reading and research into looking after them properly. Feel free to send any questions or comments.

You can watch the vlog directly on YouTube here.

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