Potato patch blues

So, the tattie crop has been lifted. Not a great year for us. Hope you had better luck – or were more careful about your choice of tattie than we were! The early crop we planted, Anya, was not as tasty as we had hoped and our late tattie, Mayan Gold, although it tasted fine, was not blight resistant and we had to lift the crop sooner than we would have liked because of this. Now we have an empty, unproductive patch of earth in the veg patch. What to plant there? Last year we sowed green manure in the beds but it feels too early for that so, I hot footed it over to PLANT, community garden, for a chat with Peter and to pick his brains, yet again, about a solution to my bald patch!

Peter didn’t hesitate to recommend kale, cabbage, cauliflower and sprouting broccoli and just happened to have some spare plants from the consignment he was planting in the community garden. He also gave us a bit of advice about planting and caring for these brassicas. Not such needed, as it turns out. A piece of recycled fleece to keep any pests out initially and, with a few weeks of the growing season left, all should be well for some spring greens. And having just read about the country wide shortage of cauliflower, this is now one house who will still be having it for tea!

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