Competition: Tayport Going Green 4 Holidays

Global tourism accounts for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions, which is about the same as emissions from all of the European Union countries. With such a massive carbon footprint, our holidays are responsible for a good chunk of the overheating in our planet’s climate.

Thankfully, there is a growing trend for greener holiday travel. Many people are avoiding high emission options such as flights and cruises, and travelling shorter distances to enjoy ‘staycations’ closer to home. Have you switched from a plane to a train or even to a bike for your holiday, or decided to have a ‘staycation’? Share your exciting green holiday travel story as an entry into ‘Tayport Going Green 4 Holidays’ competition and win!

Each entry must have BOTH:

  • a photo or a drawing of your holiday AND
  • a paragraph or two of text to tell us where and how you travelled, why you chose to travel green and what you enjoyed the most about your trip.

You can check your travel footprint by taking our Quiz: Carbon footprints of holiday travel.

Make your entry by:

  • making a post on Instagram with a hashtag #TayportGoingGreen4Holidays and tagging our account OR
  • emailing Kaska at  OR
  • using a paper form and returning it to the competition entry box at the Garden (download a copy here or pick it up from the Community Garden).

Closing date is 31 September 2019

A panel of local artists and writers will select the most creative entry in each of three age categories: under 5s, 6-16, and over 16. Each winner will be awarded a prize to the value of around £10, appropriate for their age. By entering the competition you agree to us sharing your stories though PLANT Carbon Conversations project. We will use them to inspire more people in Tayport to go greener for their holiday and cut their carbon footprint. We will only use your personal details to get in touch with you about the results of the competition. For PLANT privacy notice see

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