It was one of those March days…

It was one of those March days when the sun shine hot and the winds blows cold : when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade.

Charles Dickens

Compost !

Have not been to the lotti for a while but given the lovely weather today I spent a bit of time there this afternoon. I  planned to move my compost bin to allow more room for growing, when I lifted it into a new position I was surprised to see that all the stuff that had been in it had composted over the winter. I have now moved quite a bit of the compost into the beds.

Had to completely weed this bed today as it had a lot of grass growing in it and it was starting to take hold. There were also a lot of strawberry plants which I have now moved into a temporary position.  Think I am going to put my broad beans in here.

surplus strawberries
Temporary home for my surplus strawberries

Red Onions

Again had to weed this bed as there were some rooty nettles growing in it. Could not hold off any longer to get the red onions sets in.

A raised bed ready for planting


I bought my garlic last year and planted in November. It’s starting to develop its lush green shoots. Good to see some stirring from the earth.


raspberry canes in spring

When it came to cutting back my Autumn Rasps, I only chopped them down until about a foot long cane was left. I had been chatting to one of the other lotti folk and they had said their father in law did this. It helped produce more fruit. Decided to give this approach a go myself . Glad to see they are actually growing back!

Tatties – Maris Piper

Still feeling a bit reluctant to go ahead and plant my tatties. I have never grown Maris Pipers before but they seem like a good all round tattie, and waxy too!

A bag of seed potatoes

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