Give a greener you a go!

A photo of a carbon conversation group

We invite you to join the second edition of Tayport Community Garden’s Carbon Conversations this February. It’s a 5-step programme of free and friendly group workshops to find out how to make your home more cosy, enjoy a healthier diet and greener travel, make better connection with others, find happiness, save money AND shrink your family’s carbon footprint. And yes – we also eat cake!

We will be running two groups, one in Tayport starting 17th of February, and one in Newport/Wormit, with starting date yet to be determined. Get in touch with Kaska to book your one-to-one introductory chat through this online form.

We completed first two Tayport groups last November, and we have had some lovely feedback from our participants, with all wanting to recommend the workshops to their friends!

Here are a few comments from their feedback:

I knew quite a lot about environmental issues but through these meetings and materials I have learned so much more.

The tea and cake made it very welcoming and relaxing.

The interactive format suited my learning style and made it easier to get to grips with all the facts.

It was lovely to meet new people and share our thoughts and experiences. The group were very open and non-judgmental.

I no longer think that taking action on climate change would mean me sitting in the cold & dark by myself. There is lots we can do and have rewarding lifestyles.

The workshops challenged my complacency and provoked me to make radical cuts to my carbon emissions.

The facilitators listened well to each participant and encouraged reflection

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