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I’ve just finished my first Carbon Conversation and my head is buzzing…in a good way! I can’t really articulate clearly why it felt important to be part of this group other than a feeling of wanting some clarification and support on my own journey of trying to live a life according to my principles. If that sounds high minded, it’s not meant to be. I’m as guilty as the next person of thinking, oh, sod it! Climate change is just too big; too complicated; too many numbers and percentages; too scary. It’s for politicians and scientist and other folk to deal with, right? And that leaves me feeling powerless and pathetic: not a good feeling.

But, here’s the thing. After my first session, in a lovely house, with lovely cake and tea and with a lovely group of people, I’m feeling inspired and positive about the changes I can make to reduce my carbon footprint. With two excellent facilitators, Kaska and Jessie, and a really useful handbook as guidance, I set realistic goals and find the motivation to carry them out. Any qualms and misgivings I have are discussed within the group. At this point you might be wondering who the others in the group are? Turns out they are neighbours from Tayport whom I have the pleasure of getting to know better through our fortnightly get togethers.

The meetings are a stimulating and thought-provoking mixture of discussion, games, video clips, worksheets and no two are the same. Trying to make changes to some ingrained habits is tough and the topics can at times be, surprisingly, quite emotionally charged. I take inspiration from our chats and there is a real sense of commitment which bolsters me as I set off with my first set of home tasks: to monitor the energy use of my house and see where I can make improvements to insulation and heat loss. (Yes, there is homework as part of CC but no detention or lines if you don’t do it!)
One of the reassurances about the whole CC venture is that small changes can make significant differences. Certainly, around the house there were simple, DIY jobs I could do that weren’t that expensive and there is a list to follow called, good housekeeping, that cost nothing but a change in behaviour to implement. Also, I now know where my gas and electric meters are!

This short blog is only a flavour of what CC is about and I would encourage anyone and everyone in the town of Tayport to give this process a go. Have a chat to Kaska or Jessie if you are still not sure if it is for you. I actually miss our meet ups. Honestly, I do. And I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again for our final session about taking the whole CC to another level. Exciting times!

For more information on Tayport Carbon Conversations – a 5 step program to greener households – see

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