June Garden update from Lewis

This month’s garden update was written by Lewis, with only a little help from Kaska.

Peter with the first of this years tatties

The highlight of the last couple of months was getting the potato bed sorted and earthing up the plants this month, getting rid of the weeds and more of the stones. Lots of hard work but worth it. As we were writing this, Peter’s just harvested the first lot and they are looking good!

This month we also made a pallet garden display for Shona and Stuart’s wedding. We saw a photo in a magazine and copied the design. Graeme cut bits off and added some to make space for plants. I painted some of it but was difficult without getting paint on myself but Ian and Jenny helped and I supervised them.

We did a lot of weeding this month. It helps our plants to grow. Peter got a weed control flamegun to get rid of the weeds on the path but we haven’t tried it out properly yet. It’s tricky with so many people and kids around. Peter will be the only person allowed to use it because it’s dangerous.

Craig and Lewis

Craig is very happy to help me do stuff.

We also planted up the boat on the main road. It’s good to see the finishing touches on the boat. It’s quite hard to water it without rain because we have to carry water from the Garden just about every day. Today it took us all morning to get it watered because we had to take to lots of water down to it.

A couple of weeks ago I went with Peter to the hub site to prepare the ground for trees to go in at ground breaking ceremony. I couldn’t go to the ceremony which was disappointing.

We fixed metal mesh plant support to the shed for plants to climb on.

Jan planted the pumpkin patch. They will not be ready until the autumn.

It is quite good how garden has come on since we started. It is been the first year with mains water which is a big help for plants to grow. Without mains water we would struggle to keep it going especially in this weather.

Come and visit us because the Garden is beautiful and we need help with growing and eating the produce.

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