PLANT Annual General Meeting – Making Aubergines Great Again!

There was a good turnout for PLANT’s Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 30th January, 7pm at the Harbour Cafe.

Our Chair welcomed everyone and summarised what has been an exceptionally successful year for PLANT, with record amounts of produce grown and sold at our stall and people of all ages involved. We have exceeded expectations and won 3 awards including 2 national ones. She warmly thanked everyone involved for all the hard work and enthusiasm.

Reports from Peter Christopher, Community Gardener, Jenny Glen, Volunteer Coordinator and Kaska Hempel, Blog Coordinator detailed the excellent progress the Community Garden has made this year.

A written report by Peter was read out, outlining all the growing progress made in the garden in 2017. 1.3 tonnes of produce was grown!

Jenny praised all our wonderful volunteers, and had us all in stitches with her Trump-inspired plan to make Tayport Community Garden great (you can listen to the full speech in the video above).

Kaska talked about the garden’s popular blog and social media, and also on the exciting citizen science projects. She showed the Incredible Shrinking Footprint trailer produced by participants in Garden Explorer summer kids club to showcase things everyone can do to shrink their own food-related carbon footprint. She also briefly outlined Tayport Carbon Conversations project starting this year.

Frank Wood summarised 2017 carbon savings through produce grown in the garden and our Grow@Home scheme, apple juicing, low carbon travel to the garden and rainwater harvesting. We saved a total of 8.13 tonnes of CO2e – nearly twice our commitment to our funder Climate Challenge Fund which was 4.73 tonnes.

The Chair thanked Frank Wood for his work collating and presenting our carbon saving data as he stepped down from the Committee. Three new members were voted onto our Committee and the fresh ideas that they bring will keep PLANT moving forward into the next growing season and beyond.

The new Committee are:

  • Margaret Robertson (Chair)
  • Jessie Roberts (Administrator)
  • Dave Vallis
  • Bill Mason
  • Jan Davidson
  • Maggie Taylor
  • Kathleen Brown
  • Shona Kane

All are welcome at our Committee meetings. They are held every two months at The Harbour Café and are advertised on our website.

Margaret Robertson,

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