Diana’s vlog – shaping living willow tunnel

Living willow structures are an easy way to add interest to your garden for your younger visitors. We’ve had ours for a year now and our under-fives are already very fond of this space at the Tayport Community Garden. As a bonus, willow catkins provide a great source of nutritious pollen to those hungry bees emerging in early spring.

At a workshop on the 4th of February, Diana Robertson has helped us start shaping this young and unruly structure. We were lucky to have some lovely, warm sunshine which brought out over twenty helpers on the day. We have recorded a vlog with some pointers from Diana on how it’s all done. If you’d like to have a go at making a living willow structure yourself, we have some rooted willow cuttings available at the Garden for a donation.

You can find Peter’s vlog from last year on how to plant your living willow structure here.

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