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A photo postscript on Tayfield beehives

By 13th July 2017One Comment

A photo of a tayfield beehive

In a previous post, on my experiences of decorated beehives in Slovenia, I made a reference to the painted beehives in Tayfield estate, Newport.  In case anyone hasn’t seen them, or were wondering what the white construction, on their walk was – as I did for ages – here are a couple of pictures of the renovated hives.  Beautiful, aren’t they?

A photo of a tayfield beehive



I grew up on a farm in the NE of Scotland so have always had a close affinity to land and growing my own food. As a family we ate only what was in season and preserved fruit and vegetables if there was a glut. I am still passionate about cutting air miles on the food I eat. I’m lucky to live close to the Tayport Community Garden and pop in regularly for advice and produce.

One Comment

  • jessicaelisabethroberts says:

    What a lovely set of blogs Kathleen – thank you for sharing your experiences in Slovenia. I would love to go there.

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