The grass is not greener . . . . .

A photo of a wheelbarrow full of weedsThe lotti is looking very green at the minute, everything is growing well and producing lots of lush green foliage. I am fairly pleased with this as it’s all looking so healthy. Have started to graze the salad bed and in the nick of time too as the rocket is starting to bolt. I would however like to see more colour emerge and realise that as the lotti develops over time I would like to see as much colour interwoven though the veg beds. I aim to achieve this by utilizing as much space as possible and getting beneficial flowers in there. Sunflowers, foxglove, marigolds, anything really as long as there are flowers and colour.

Weeds are popping up all over the place, being a no chemical garden I am trying to keep on top of them by pulling them out or cutting them down. So it does not become drudgery I like to do it in half hour bursts, my garden is never going to look manicured. . . A photo of a bumblebee on a comfrey flowerI have a sizable patch of comfrey growing in a corner, the bees absolutely love it. It has attracted lots of different bee varieties, it’s a real asset to have in the garden.

My neighbour saw me planting peas a few summers ago and gave me this great old gardeners tip. He said to support your peas cut some of the lower smaller branches off of the evergreens, trim them and stake into the ground in amongst the peas and you will have a natural support. The pea will twine in the branch and keep itself upright. It works really well, I am supporting both my peas and mangtout in this way. 

A photo of a frogFound this gorgeous wee soul hopping around beside the broad bean patch. Isn’t he just gorgeous?  Love frogs  ♥  hope he feasts on all the unwanted slugs and bugs that enjoy munching my plants. I do feel concerned that all the chicken wire may trap these small creatures, I think I will make sure there are gaps in mine for them to move freely through.  ♥


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