Peter’s vlog: leek planting

It’s time to plant your leeks! Kath joins Peter for another grow your own how-to video. With the rain replenishing the soil’s moisture over the last week it seems like the perfect time to plant out some of the seedlings we have brought on in the polytunnel. We use a special ‘dibber’ in the video but there is no need to rush out and buy one – Kath’s top tip was to use a glass bottle to make leek planting holes by plunging it neck first into the soil. Broken garden tool handles can also be easily ‘upcycled’ into dibbers. Do you have your own leek planting tips or questions?

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  1. What a pro at presentation and teaching as well as gardening Peter! And with a keen pupil to demonstrate too. Good tip about twisting the leek seedling to fit into the holes.

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