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Tips for exploring nature outdoors from sharing good practice SNH event

By 24th April 2017One Comment

Polli:nation survey logo

On March 16th I attended a Sharing Good Practice meeting organised by the Scottish National Heritage for teachers and community development groups. It focused on citizen science and other outdoor projects and initiatives to boost awareness and involvement with nature.

The event consisted of several talks throughout the morning and practical worskshops in the afternoon. Talk slides and other resources have been shared by the organisers online here – well worth having a look if you are a teacher or event a parent interested in getting the kids exploring and learning outdoors.

The three workshops I attended consisted of: The Deadwood Tree Survey, Polli:Nation Survey, and the Big School Birdwatch. The majority of the resources required for these are available online or can be sent out on request.

The workshop that piqued my interest was the Polli:Nation survey. The survey is extremely detailed and very interesting. It comes as a colourful booklet that is available to be ordered or printed offline. It covers types of habitats, plants, weather and most importantly the types of pollinators you might spot. It also includes a species quest at the end to try find some of the rarest pollinators.

All the survey results can be sent in or uploaded to show on a map the level of pollination in your area.

You can download the survey booklet from this link (PDF), and find more information about the project here.

We are thinking of trying out Polli:Nation at the Tayport Community Garden soon and hope you will join us. You can also easily do it in your own home garden over summer holiday with the whole family.

Happy Hunting! Buzz Buzz!






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