February in Tayport Community Garden

You might be forgiven to think that February is a bit too early for any real gardening to happen. But, following Peter’s advice, we’ve been busy trying to steal a march on time to make sure we take advantage of the full growing season.


Earlier this month we planted seven varieties of our super early salad tatties in the polytunnel, and 16 other varieties are happily chitting away in their egg trays to get them going before they are planted outside (Peter wrote about the early tattie varieties in his January blog). Our early polytunnel sowings of radish, lettuce and carrots have just started poking their first leaves through the soil this week and broadbean and garlic plants have been planted outside. Children from Tayport Childminder groups were back at the Garden last week and helped with potting up strawberry plants from last years hanging baskets to free them up for this year’s plantings.

Sensory border plants

We were very excited to take a delivery of established plants for the sensory border which Peter’s been working on since last year. While Peter told us that he is very fond of all of his plant border babies, he admitted that Thymus fragrantissimus was his favourite. He confessed that he is very partial to the wonderful aroma of this Thyme’s leaves (frangrantissimus stands for ‘most fragrant’). Cathy, one of our volunteers and an experienced Tayport gardener, has been working on putting together a wonderful herb garden in one of the raised beds – you will be able to read all about it in her blog shortly.

Our fab volunteer joinery team has pushed ahead with garden construction jobs too. We have two new outside raised beds, with more to come shortly, outside and inside of the polytunnel. We’ve got a large pile of timber planks salvaged from this month’s Green Shed demolition and we will be ‘upcycling’ those into edgings for the sensory border and ground potato beds. Our Head Gardener’s shed is now sporting some great shelves thanks to Dave, as well as some very inventive ‘storage solutions’ for our vast collection of wellies.

Jenny and her dogs on the PlantMobile

Amongst all that we’ve also found some time to start training volunteers for our electric PLANT delivery bike – Jenny and her dogs being one of the first ‘test-subjects’. With lots more produce coming on this year – we will need a delivery team to help with distribution locally, so please get in touch if you are interested.



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