Looking back and looking forward to a fruitful 2017!

We have had such a fantastic 2016! Here is our wee slide show from the year and Jenny’s famous fruit and vegetable speech from the Tayport Community Trust AGM which sums it all up rather well…May 2017 be even more productive and fun!

Now I have to compost myself for this. Lettuce begin. When we first started in the garden 6 months ago we willow sure what kind of shallot we would get from the local community. But we have been amazed at the rhubarb we have received. Maybe it’s beetroot the garden is in such a lovely location. But everyday we have visitors and volunteers. We had our 1000th visitor in August 2016 and now have over 100 peppers on our volunteering database. It doesn’t seem tomato what the weather is like we still have people turnip and leek us a hand. When you’re running workshops it’s hard to know if people can or carrot turnip but we have been amazed at the response we have had. Our parsnip work with the school, the brownies, children and family groups has been great. I think we have met every primary school chard over the last 6 months.
We have also worked with the Dolphin Centre and have young people cauliflowering their duke of Edinburgh Award at the garden.

So this year we are planning to build on this success and continue to develop our work with families and older residents of Tayport. We will continue to run the Caley Award for adults with disabilities and learning difficulties and continue to encourage people to grow their own vegetables at home. I leek to think that the garden has bean a grape success.

Grow local, think about your cabbage footprint and make simple pak choice to help address climate change and hopefully together we can make a difference.

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