chat Tayport food grower – Linda

How long have you been growing food at home?

Since 1980

Is this your first garden?

No, every house I’ve lived in since 1980 except one has had a garden, some small, some large.

What inspired you to start growing food?

Cost, freshness, enjoying being outdoors and having three daughters aged four and under!

What is your gardening philosophy/main influence?

Organic – I don’t use any chemicals and also encouraging nature. For example, I don’t net my raspberries to keep the birds out. Instead I go out every morning and collect the ripe ones. If I miss some the birds won’t.

Your favourite food plant to grow right now and why?

Just cropped and cleared veggie plot so just Swiss chard growing at the moment.

Current challenge and how you’re tackling it?

What to plant now to overwinter – doing research at the moment but lot of talk about it going to be a very hard winter like 2010 due to El Niño.

Your favourite local nursery/garden centre/supplier and why?

Bridge end at Freuchie – great selection and plants in good condition, also Jamesfield garden centre outside Newburgh. Again, good selection of plants in great condition but they also group plants in categories like grow in shade, grow in full sun etc which is really handy when you’re looking to plant a new patch in your garden.

What is your go-to resource for food gardening at the moment and why

Organic gardening books and web pages or just ask friends.

What would be a single piece of advice you would give to somebody just starting to grow food in a Tayport garden?

Give it a try, start with something bombproof like tatties and lettuce and look at what your neighbours are growing successfully.

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