Pollinator Tip 4: Build a bug hotel

You can make a real difference to the many species of solitary bees, such as leaf-cutter and mason bees, by making a Bee and Bee for their nests. It can be a part of a large bug hotel such as ours at the Garden but you can also make a small one which can be attached to a fence or a wall without a need for much space.

The OPAL website has good instructions on how to make a Bee and Bee and which pollinators you are likely to see using it here. You can also buy them ready-made – here is some advice on what to choose and where to put it from the Friends of the Earth website.

Looking for even more Bee and Bee information? The Pollinator Garden website has lots here.

If you’d like to find out more about the fascinating world of solitary bees in the UK, have a watch of the documentary below (make sure you sit comfortably – it’s 17 minutes long!):