At Home

Small plastic polytunel
A container garden in a Tayport tenement drying green.

Many people in Tayport are fortunate to have a garden. Many people work hard in their outdoor space either growing flowers, fruit, vegetables, a mixture of all three or just maintaining the status quo. You may have heard of the Tayport Community Garden but thought to yourself that you have enough to do at home.

Perhaps you are redesigning your garden or you have a problem area and need a solution or two… Possibly some plants are not thriving… Would you like to change some aspect of your ‘outdoor room?’

PLANT offers a free service to our community called Grow@Home scheme. Discuss the dilemma with our experienced Community Gardener. In some circumstances he could arrange a visit but only after you have spoken to him at the Community Garden and need an additional consultation.

The Grow@Home scheme also encourages those growing vegetables in their back yard to affiliate with PLANT. We can share knowledge, tips and experiences as well as seedlings and transplants – not forgetting that all important cuppa! And you can improve your crop output by drawing on the full range of our learning resources (more details in the Learn section).

To get involved please get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator.

Once involved in the Grow@Home scheme all that is asked in return is that you share some information about your garden and what you are growing by doing one or more of the following:

  • Fill in a Grow@Home survey form and return it to our Volunteer Coordinator at the Garden or via email Download the form from the following links:
    • Word document to fill in on your computer – click here
    • Rich text format to fill in on your computer (works in most text editors) – click here
    • PDF to print out and fill in by hand – click here
  • Weigh all your harvests and share the results with us (use Grow@Home form to submit your results at the end of the growing season in the late autumn).
  • Share notes, photos, and videos about your home-grown food on our Tayport Grow@Home – Harvest Celebration Wall – we would love to see what you grow even if you don’t have time to do all the weighing!

We hope this will get us all a bit more motivated to grow more and help us gather evidence on the reduction of carbon emissions in Tayport for our project funders – Climate Challenge Fund.

We have a growing list of home gardeners who have linked up with PLANT. Don’t go to seed.. Consider joining up with Tayport’s expanding network of affiliated gardens and take advantage of communal expertise …Gardeners like to share…

If you need some inspiration, have a look at growing diaries from the two of the scheme’s participants:

  • Kaska is a gardening beginner and writes about setting up her container garden on a balcony and the drying green here.
  • Cathy is an experienced grower who writes about growing in her established large backyard garden here.