Talking about carbon with Earth Explorers

Our Crazy Carbon Conversations session with Earth Explorers on Wednesday 25th of July was abuzz with activities. Four young Explorers, and one adult volunteer, helped us try out several ideas for our Family Carbon Conversation trail we are planning to put together by next summer.

We started off with some cloud spotting and discussion on our favourite weather, discussing difference between weather and climate. You can download our word-search which will help you tell the two apart.

We also had a go at Plant Yoga, and talked about gasses in the atmosphere and how plants and animals are involved in carbon cycle. Kaska even performed a carbon cycle mini-play! We touched on how carbon dioxide helps keep our planet warm and increasing its concentration in the air can lead to climate change.

All of that relaxation got our creative juices going and we had a go at illustrating and narrating Fossil Fern story (see video above).

Altogether a very fun and fruitful afternoon – thanks to all who came along!

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